I wanted to expand on the mushrooms. We went to the Mother Earth News Fair last year. They had workshops all weekend and we learned so much. We took a class on Shittake mushroom growing and the simplicity of it was right up our alley. Buy spawn, drill holes in logs, pound spawn pegs into logs then wait. It doesn’t get any easier than that to grow food. We bought 750 Shittake plugs and 200 oyester plugs. If you get their kit they send the wax the drill bit and some labeling markers. Sounds easy right? Well in a year we will let you know if it works out……patience …….. Patience……

while I wait I will make sure they don’t get dried out so I’ve rigged some soaker hoses over the stack just in case the dry SC summer tries to ruin my efforts. Guess we’ll see.



Spring 2013

The beginning of spring is so stimulating. I have so many projects in the works I think my head is going to explode. The garden has been planted and now if all goes well food will be rolling in out of control in the next few months. New for this year are a section of raspberries with their new trellis, and a larger asparagus plot. The later was necessary since I keep eating out of our current patch and Bruce never gets much. The stuff is sooooo good raw its hard not to snap it off as you pass by. This year I’m trying Okra, kohlrabi,and  bokchoy.


I have been doing so many new things on the property that I need to take more pictures. We inoculated logs with shittake and oyester  mushrooms. Hopefully with any luck I’ll have mushrooms next year.


The property is looking so pretty with all the green. I’ve gone back thru the blog to remember when we bought this place 7 years ago. There was nothing but a little doublewide and a gravel drive. There was no shrubs,no garden, no buildings and now I look back and think wow!!! just wow.




The new addition

We got a new puppy!

Meet Crackers a solid black Doberman. She’s not much to look at right now but in a few weeks we’ll have her ears cropped and then you’ll see her true self come out. She was born 1/21/13 Image




Spring has almost sprung

Spring has almost sprung

The garlic is growing strong.

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