Hello again!! Its me Justin typing (and I made that last post too) Sorry I haven't made any posts in a while but we've just been so busy looking at stuff. My mom will be sure to fill you in on all that (if you haven't read that already).

            I'm here to give the kids point of view, we play a big roll in Big-Trip, life with out us the parents just wouldn’t survive for long. We have taken on many rolls, like watching mom walk the dogs, to make sure she doesn’t get lost. We also over see meal clean ups, to make sure all the plates and utensils are put in there up right and locked position (after being washed).

            It’s hard for me to make a lot of detailed posts because my mom is just so good at describing everything. We started our trip with a nice 4 hour drive and slept at a truck stop. Sleeping at truck stops is always interesting especially after we were informed about the “lot lizards” you will have to ask your parents what those are, and they will have to ask Adrianna…

                                                    – Justin


I ramble?

    This time it's me posting. Mom has been doing most the posting and if someone else does it they'll leave their name. I decided I should say something…