Siding and Gardening

We stripped the front of the house. The siding project is taking forever, but when the weather gets hot we only do a few hours of work. The old vinyl siding had to be stripped off then the house had to be covered in 1/2 in plywood. We wanted the protection and solid feeling you get from plywood as opposed to the ridiculous styrofoam  that was in place. I can’t see a flying chicken coop or tree limb being stopped by plastic siding and foam. Now we are a little better off, we added hurricane straps, plywood and cement board siding. Wow, we’re almost living in a real house now.Wait til you see the incredible window trim that we have planned. Ok here are some pictures of the progress.


The garden is coming along real nice. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in green beans. The next harvest will be tomatoes.




I’m so glad I only work 3 days a week. I really don’t think it would be possible to tend to the land like I love if I had to work 40 hours. Now I’m off to resurface the driveway with the tractor, pull some weeds and paint the new eaves before it gets over 90 degrees. Then I’ll can a few jars of beans, bake bread or my son will whine and give all the dogs a bath. Oh did I mention a nap? I think I’ll squeeze that in because my boss man works in Charlotte and what he don’t know won’t kill him.


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