I have finally seen my new solar system actually running!!!!!

Solar power can get expensive and some say not worth the cost and I agree but…… We did our taxes and in a horrible turn of events we found out we owed the government money. So how much money does it take to make you panic? Well for us that number turns out to be anything followed by the word thousand. WHAT THE _ _ _ _ !!!! The thought of giving the federal and state government a total of 17k not only made us flip out but where do you suddenly get that kind of money? Turns out the nice government people will put you on a payment plan and charge you interest to boot. Not happening, because after I pay them I have nothing to show for it except bitterness and anger. There had to be another way soooooo we opted to buy solar and get in on that 35% tax break. I’d rather make payments on a solar system than payments for nothing. We feel solar is expensive for people that already have the power company hooked up to their houses and have no tax issue. In truth you would probably save more on energy costs if you spent the money on energy efficient windows, insulation, appliances. That all said I do feel in the future when I’m on a fixed income and the cost of energy continues to rise I will be in a better position. The panels are the latest technology they have a life span of 30 years before they begin to degrade that will make me 80 years old before they need replacing and at that point I’m sure I won’t notice the loss in my demented old age. The system was turned on for testing on a rainy day and these panels are incredible. They were producing enough power to run my microwave and some house lights while it rained outside. The system will be able to power the whole house except anything that runs 220. That means no heat pump, no clothes dryer and no stove during a power outage. I can live with that. We are staying on grid power, but we have battery back up and a generator. The goal is to get off the grid but baby steps are needed. The first is to see our energy use at night. Will 4 batteries last us over night? Can we stay off grid in an emergency comfortably?

I will post the findings of our new set up as I get time playing with it. For now here are a few pictures.


This is the mechanicals room. It houses the electronics and the batteries for the solar. I had Bruce build this like a bunker. The slab is a foot thick, the walls are 2×6 and the rafters are 2×12 with hurricane ties no windows to worry about. I feel this is more of a storm room for my family. If there were ever a tornado or hurricane I’m waiting it out in this, not in my crappy bathtub.


These are the 4 batteries. We have plans for 4 more above them but they are expensive, so we’ll add them in a few months.


This is the nice remote panel so we can monitor the usage of the system from inside the house. There will also be a wifi connection so we can monitor it from the internet.

The specifics of the set up will be at a later post. Bruce is the one that knows whats what.


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