Just a few pictures of the hives. They’ve been busy doing what bees do.


We’ve checked on the progress. The queens are making brood and there’s a lot of activity. The new bees fly in circles over the hives to get their bearings and at times it looks like a bee tornado.I love watching them. I have to be careful not to stand in the flight path or I get pinged in the head. We added a new super(box) with a queen excluder in between the layer of boxes. This allows for the workers to fill it with honey and the queen can’t enter it to lay eggs. The hope is that if there’s a lot of flowers we’ll get lucky and they’ll start filling the upper box.Any honey in this compartment is ours. We have to allow them to store enough honey for themselves but one box is enough.


The next time, I hope to show you our solar set up. At this moment I have the workers coming in and out of the house finishing up odds and ends on the system. Unfortunately I don’t have a queen excluder for myself. These guys are in and out making noise cutting pipes and drilling. I’ve tried to hide but I kinda like the air conditioning in the house so I stuck with them. I’m glad it’s almost 5:00



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