Spring Happenings

The garden is taking up most of my time I’ll show you some pictures. I’m experimenting with new wild plants to Plantain, Stinging nettle, Comfrey. These are medicinal plants so we’ll see how it goes.

The horses are enjoying the spring grass.

The sweet peas are flowering and the strawberries have been delicious.

The house is getting new siding . We like to do things in cash so the siding gets put on the house one side at a time. The back of the house is complete and we have noticed a big difference in heating and cooling. If you look closely you can see the eaves over the windows were extended. The back of the house faces south. The eaves allow for the sun to warm the counter tops in the kitchen and the house in the winter. In the summer the sun does not reach the counter. We are better protected from the rain and the siding is cement board which also has more thermal mass than vinyl. Eventually we plan to put a roof over the deck so we didn’t extend the eaves over the door. It’s great to see every nook and cranny chalked and protected from water and bugs. The other side is also done but that’s for the next post. That side now houses my new storm room and the mechanicals for the solar power. It’s an exciting project that will be complete at the end of this week. I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s complete. It’s a 6kw system that is grid tied and has battery back up. Solar power can be a confusing project but I’ll try to explain what we did once it’s ready.


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