There are hundreds of blogs that talk about bees, there are videos on youtube and lots of books. I have only one great suggestion. Take the class!!! We read and watched but when you take a class its like a vail gets lifted and you have an ahh haa moment. I found a bee club close by and talked to them. They had a course that is given by the Clemson extension 6 weeks and your a certified beekeeper.

I didn’t want to be alone in this so I dragged my husband into this too. My thought was, if I get forgetful, he could pick up the slack, plus extra hands make work light. He jumped right on board, go figure. Bee keeping is a big man hobby I found out. I think it’s the risk of getting stung sounds manly when talking about your hobby to co workers, so much manlier than gardening or flying toy helicopters. We passed our written test, I’m sad to say. Bruce scored higher than me by 1 point, bummer. 

The bees came home with us, yes in the car last Saturday. We were told 2 hives are better than one just in case one is weaker than the other.You can rob the other to help the first. I painted the hives and got them ready weeks in advance. We learned that all the workers are female bees, of course there’s another example of nature mimicking life. Bruce had me paint “Bruces Bitches” on the front of his hive.


We hope to have delicious honey for us next year. 

I get asked this a lot, WHY? So let me explain why we got bees so your not asking me why.

1. Bruce has seasonal allergies. If you eat honey from local bees they have made it from the flowers of your area thus helping you build up immunity to their pollen. We bought some to test this and so far so good.

2. Honey is delicious!!!!

3. they produce really nice wax for making candles

4. Honey has huge antibiotic like properties. If you use it on a burn or cut it heals quickly and keeps infection away.

5. The sting of a honey bee on a arthritic joint helps cure the arthritis in that area. We have read of Doctors using this to help people with MS. I will eventually be old and arthritic so I consider this free healthcare. 

6. Did I mention honey is delicious! oh and last but not least, my garden will reap the benefits of added pollination which then adds to production.


I will post more on the bees as they get settled. So far we are feeding them a mixture of 2-1 sugar water till they start foraging and spring comes into full bloom.


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  1. Talking With Bees said,

    March 30, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Hello. Very exciting. My bees arrive in a couple of weeks. I have not managed to get my nearly-wife involved … but hopefully that will come with time.

    You are right that there are lots of beekeeping websites. I have just started one with a difference – Talking With Bees – which is about how I am “regaining my sanity through beekeeping”.

    I have just bought a new type of beehive in the UK called a beehaus. You might find it of interest:

    Good luck with the journey.

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