2012 beginnings

I have to say the last couple of years have lead us on a path that has been so much fun. I’ve learned a lot of homesteading lessons and the projects are still on going. I had stopped posting, because facebook became a nice outlet to post the happenings of this place to friends, but I realize that without this blog there is no record for me to look back on as a log. Today I’ll try again to stay up to date on what we’re up to. The past is to hard to fully recount so in my wanderings thru the place I’ll try to show you whats changed. 

  To begin with the chickens are still here and thriving. I get way to many eggs and I end up being the egg supplier to friends at work. It’s not a bad deal, I get to eat cakes and things they’ve made with the eggs. The chickens have had their area enlarged and they happily keep bugs at bay on the fruit trees. I have fenced in a 1/4 acre for them. My current project with them, is to install a rain catchment system. I started this by putting a gutter off  the roof of their coop. Next I will put in a rain barrel with a drinking trough for them. This will keep the mosquito population down. 

The 4 foot fencing has worked out great. They stay in their area and there’s no more destroying my garden. I get the occasional escapee but that just lets me know its time to clip wings. I’ll update the garden info next week. 






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