Getting Real

Man oh man does 2010 suck. I’m not one to bitch and moan but when nothing goes good month after month you can feel the curse upon you. We’ve had our share of the good but the bad is at a higher percent now.

This past months crap is enough to scare most people. I don’t like to dwell on the bad so we move on in our lives knowing that tomorrow the sun is going to rise, you know the saying you breathe in, you breathe out, you go on.

Bruce has been busy on many new projects and I’m happy to say that  fencing in 2 acres has him in great shape. Everyday I get to hear, oh man are my arms sore. The new fence involves not only putting it in but he has to cut the tree, strip the bark, dig the hole, place the post…repeat 50 times then he can rest. I’ll take more pictures later.

The Thanksgiving break was nice we headed to Myrtle beach to eat turkey with the folks and to play on their new boat. The boat scares me, I know we’ll all see on the news that 2 old people were lost at sea. My mother can’t swim and my father seems to get lost real easy. GPS or no GPS they best stick to the river.

The dogs got to go play in the ocean and ride the boat so for them it was a great time to.

Now that Justin has his nice camera most of the photography gets left to him, but he never gives me copies. I have to steal them off facebook.

Facebook is a time thief, it’s hard to stay off. I think it sucks up  to much time but that’s how the kids keep me updated. Without it I wouldn’t get to see Erin getting tackled on her rugby team. I would have missed Justin’s Clemson football pictures and I would never have seen Erin with red hair. Both the kids are loving the college life so even though the Chinese classes are hard, Erin is doing great. The military side of things has her involved in all kinds of cool things so the Army career is still what she plans on. I love listening to her speak in Chinese it sounds so funny. She will be living in China for 2 summers so she will be fluent by the time she graduates college. The army is paying her an extra hundred dollars a month if she passes the classes. Her plan at this point is to serve in Army intelligence, but Erin is fickle so who knows what will happen. I’m happy she’ll graduate and have an instant job that pays well.

Erin is the one looking at the camera.

Erin is on the Rugby team. After the game she put on a dress and went to a semi formal, where does she get the energy?


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