Carnevil Halloween Party

The party was a great success! I bet you want to see it. There’s a ton of pictures on facebook from other party goers but I have a short video. You can see a little of the decorations and then there’s the dancing fools. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs people brought pulled pork barbecue, potato salad , chicken and dumplings, baked beans. There was lots of candy and desserts and need I mention the alcohol.

We again had the scavenger hunt trail in the woods, if the 8 items were found then you had a chance to spin the wheel of fate. The fates could be kind to you or evil. Evil fates included having to get on all fours and howl like a werewolf or drinking evil potions made up of moonshine. We had fun, good fates included winning lottery tickets and dvds. Bruce was the ringmaster I was and evil clown. We had clear weather and a full moon what more could you want. There was a 9 foot tall bonfire along with fireworks I wish I could have video taped lots of the happenings but it’s hard to have fun carrying a camera. I’m grateful for what little pictures I did get.

This is as evil as we could make our clowns. My sisters kid, me and my mom.

Our midway

My sister the bearded lady, she was called Candy.

The trapeze girls and another clown standing in front of the wheel of fate.

Our fortune teller. I think shes seen better days.

The twins in their cage for our safety

Of course there’s lots more I can show you but it’s to hard with only pictures. Your all invited to see the madness in 2011 ‘

Enjoy the video for an extra peek at the decor



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