The count down says 56 days till halloween, but our party is the week before so there’s only 50 days. 50!!!!!!! I’m never going to finish.

Sounds silly I know, but talk to any home haunter as were known and they’ll tell you it’s crunch time. We’ve been working hard on our carnival theme. The new man arrived

I’ve had to hide him in Erins room, every time I came in the kitchen he scared me he’s over 6 feet. Bruce has already placed the cemetery in the woods and he’s made a few new stones he thinks he’s clever. He made one that says RIP Ben Dover  I’ll take some pictures later. The other new build was another casket. I told him in hard times he can squeeze me in he didn’t believe me so I squeezed in.

I think the dog wants to go with me. The casket will be lined in red satin and there will be a body in there, not mine of course.

The scavenger hunt note reads, He stopped laughing long ago but his song lingers. The casket will be slightly open and you’ll have to reach in and pull out a kazoo. Nothing here is that easy so of course Bruce also has his big upright casket next to the little casket its animated and it’ll swing open and a body will fall foward. Scary stuff we hope.

On another scary note. Bruce wanted to go on a mountain motorcycle trip. I agreed to the 6 hour round trip deal only if there was a destination involved, so off to the Apple Festival we went.

Did I mention I really, really, hate crowds. It’s like putting me in that little coffin and closing the lid, now put a nail in the coffin everytime a sweaty obese person rubbed up against me and I’m sure you would have nailed all the way around the coffin.

Is it just me or does this sea of people make you cringe too.  Next time I’ll just agree on the ride with no particular place to go.


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