Off To College

Erin is all settled at Clemson U. I’m a bit stressed out I think I get around 12 to 15 text a day from her. There’s always a question or an issue but I have to let her work it out on her own. She does good but somethings are out of her control.

She started her first day of classes today so I’m sure crap will go wrong. I’m the most concerned about her knee, 3 weeks ago she went for a run and out of nowhere she started having pain in the front of her knee. I didn’t waste any time and sent her to an orthopedic doctor so she could have it xrayed. I wish I could have been there for the visit but Bruce was the only one there with her.  The doctor said there was no damage and to just take it easy. The pain is still not going away and now she has the added pressure of doing a 2 mile run in 18 minutes to keep her scholarship. I hope she makes it, 6am this thursday is the running test. I’m not going to relax till it’s over and I’m sure she’s more worried than me.


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  1. mom reid said,

    August 19, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Hi on the farm. Hope Erin’s knee is OK. Hope Bruce is driving his car to work these days. Hope the job is going well. Hope, Hope, Hope. No news is good news, I will assume. Hmm maybe not as Erin’s knee was not good news. All’s well in Ohio, as far as I know anyway. Helped Keith and Catherine process tomatoes yesterday, a bit of a rush as theri crop was damaged and tomatoes were in a sad way. Ah the life of farmers. You know the drill. Anyway was glad for a little news. Love MOM

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