The Pickles

The Sticky story…..

The poor wienie dog was with us 11 years she had an incredible life. She learned to swim at our lake house, jumped off the dock and swam out to greet you. Her last hour before she died, she was doing just what she loved. She swam out on the pond chasing the ducks and giving them hell.  Sticky traveled the country side on the dashboard of the RV, she was goofy in every way, she stole pizza from closed boxes on the table, she went into purses in search of goodies and she helped herself to all leftovers. We’ll never be able to replace that crazy nut.

Her death was just an unlucky moment in time, a split second decision to shake off the water from her swim. We all walked along with the slow moving truck in the driveway all 3 dogs weaved back and forth in front of the truck like they always did. That day her moments pause to shake off the water ended tragically. We all cried and we will never forget her.

We know replacing her is impossible. The quiet and the hole she left in our hearts had to be filled. After much debate over what to do, a decision was made to find another crazy wienie dog!!!!!!!

Erin found a high spirited new member of our clan.



Pickles is slowly getting the lay of the land. Today she ventured out for the first time to see her kingdom. She noticed the strange inhabitants in her new world came in all sizes and some make scary noises. Tomorrow she might go closer for a good sniff.


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  1. Homestead State of Mind said,

    April 19, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Oh, she’s so very sweet! We lost our mini-dachshund this winter just two weeks after we lost our loved calico-both after a decade together. The one thing we’re sure of is that when we’re retired is that we’re going to get another mini dachshund. Is this a mini? She looks a little large for a mini but when they’re so small, I can’t tell. I’m sorry for the loss of your loved dog, but it’s so great that you’ve got another one to enjoy!

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