Another one bites the dust

Erin has a deep history with cars. Erin also has been born under a lucky star.

When Erin was young she won stuffed animals, blankets, fishing poles, massages anything that involves luck Erin usually wins. Even on our cruise she managed to win a free massage and 150 dollars at bingo. I’ve got many examples of how lucky she’s been. There is one part of Erins world that luck just can’t reach. Cars!!!!!!!!

Now some would say she’s been lucky, but if the cars could talk they’d beg to differ. When she turned 15 she was allowed to drive, but I guess the rule about don’t hit your fathers car into your mothers car was not taught in drivers ed. Then she had to learn that it doesn’t matter whats falling off the passengers seat, you really shouldn’t reach for it while driving. Her fathers car had to be pulled out of the woods with the help of tractors and a chainsaw. She also had to learn how to go to court and stand before the judge and explain why cutting off a logging truck no matter if they were speeding is a bad thing. My 30 thousand dollar SUV paid the price on that one. Next came the friends fence that I guess needed rearranging, that took out Justins car light and scraped the whole passenger side. Every car in the house bares her mark. In her defense I will say, it’s a genetic defect on her fathers side, because every vehicle also has damage from her father.  Yes my brand new truck with only 500 miles on it bares damage from her father already.

Friday, Erin took it up to new levels. No one in the family has ever rolled a car, so why not her.

The call always starts the same …….




pause…. (that’s usually when I know, damn, another wreck. I know she didn’t get hurt cause there’s the calm tone.)

Then she always says….. I wrecked




It’s not bad I think we can fix it, the window is broken but I think the motor is ok….

I’ve learned now to just freak out in the car on the way to the scene.Whats done is done and yelling at her is pointless.

Erin has a job, and most of her money has gone to paying the deductible on my insurance multiple times. She has never caused any damage to other peoples things so my rate has never gone up.

I will say that this new wreck was probably not her fault, but I can’t prove it. Bruce had new brakes put on 2 days before and I think they caused this mess. When Erin put on the brakes when rounding the corner a friend of ours was standing outside his house and he witnessed the car jump sideways and make a strange noise. The car slid into a soft ditch and flipped. We didn’t call the police because the owners of the land that she carved a new groove for were friends and they were planning to plow next week, so they didn’t mind. Erin couldn’t remember (conveniently) if she was speeding.

There is a happy note to all this.

Here is the proud father, and his new shiny victim that replaces his totaled truck. I say he wrecks in a couple of months. He’s over due for a fender bender, it’s been 6 months since his last damage. See his happy little smile, he got leather. You can’t see me, but I’m there, thinking Erin needs to start buying lottery tickets cause his leather wasn’t free.

I know your all thinking at least no one got hurt. Erin has never been hurt, not a bump or a bruise with any of her wrecks. In Erins world things just hit that invisible force field that surrounds her.


1 Comment

  1. Deer Run Mom said,

    March 28, 2010 at 12:57 am

    In one of the photos, it looks like she is texting on her cell, can’t really tell. I any case texting while driving has become a very big issue these days. Statistics are showing that unless a person is a jet fighter pilot… they should not even have a cell phone turned on while driving. If you haven’t already you should look at the stats. and tragedies. Blessings to you and yours …

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