Another project

I’m full of projects huh.

This past weekend Erin was whining about her stupid closet being so big yet the door is so small you can’t really get to things. I told her maybe if she cleaned her room and emptied her closet we might put in a bigger door.  I think she really wanted a bigger door. I thought there’s no way she’ll ever get around to cleaning her room or closet. I was wrong, in the morning there was a note by the coffee maker that said, my room is ready wake me up when your ready.


I tell Bruce about my stupid promise. There’s no way he has time to start anything new cause he’s busy with the kitchen. The closet is going to have to be mine and Erins deal. He said it should only take a couple of hours. Then he gave it another thought and said it would take him a couple of hours Erin and I are probably going to need all day.

He was right.

We made it our personal mission to get this done. It took a day and a half because Erin had to do a lot of it herself, she wanted some skills, she said. Something I could screw in or cut fast was agonizingly slow to watch Erin do. The miter saw would make her scream and get her startled every time she got it going, I had to keep checking that she hadn’t cut her fingers off .  Bruce did have to help us make sure everything ended up level and plum. I will give Bruce credit for hanging the doors and trim.



1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    March 12, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Great job! I loved seeing the art work Erin. Now you’ll have to do it again. Juat an aside about our visit around late April and early May. I have decided we will fly. Would a pick up on Thursday afternoon be doable with our return pehaps the following Monday. That would give up three days on the Farm. I am looking at April 29th. Looiing forward to it. Mom

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