Kitchen Update

We got a little further on the kitchen. The cabinets are an internet order. To minimize the risk were ordering only the 2 cabinets that make up the kitchen island. If it turns out they’re crap we haven’t wasted to much money. The 2 cabinets slide into a frame that Bruce made. We want quartz counter tops but for that we have to wait for the whole kitchen to be finished. I can’t be without counter tops so Bruce made a top for the island that can serve as a template when were ready to place the order. Its nice because we get to live with the shape for awhile and if it turns out we want to change it well I guess you can say it isn’t written in stone. Bruce also got around to finishing the other wall column.

The next step is the islands over head light canopy, Bruce calls it a cloud. I’m sure there’ll be lots of adjustments before we can agree on size and shape.

I can never get my pictures to come out the right color the true color of the island is closer to this column. Next kitchen picture I’ll work on getting a day shot so the flash doesn’t wash things out.


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