Finally !!!!

We worked hard to get the horse area cleared. The horses went in to the area and explored with no fear. Cookie the mini wasn’t allowed out with them, I figured one trauma at a time. Cookie was very upset, she pawed at the gate, she wanted so badly to go hang out with them. Tomorrows her chance, I’ll let her out so she can mingle. It’s a bit scary she’s so small she can fit under them. The weather has been rainy and cold so all the horses are muddy the pictures don’t do them justice.

Panama and Misty they’re 14 hands each, both are Arabians a mare and a gelding Misty is 16 years old but she has the stamina of a 5 year old so I’m told. Her mother lived to be 30 and since we don’t plan on doing more than trail rides she’ll be around plenty long for us. Panama is full of himself he’s 9, I think he’ll be more my horse. I’m going to let them hang out and get to know us for a couple of weeks before I start working with them. They’ve been on plenty of trail rides but it’s been a year since either has been ridden.

When the sun comes out I’ll brush them good and I’ll take better pictures.


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  1. mom said,

    February 5, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    What beautiful horses and of course the little darling completes the setting. give some thoght about when would be a good time for us to visit.

    Keep in mind heat and humidity are tuff on us oldies. When are you doing that rennovation you mentioned? We are thinking we will drive this time and do it in two short days. Give us a call with your ideas. Looking forward to it.
    Love Mom

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