The work continues, for you skeptics the pantry is finished. Yes the door is missing, but that’s due to our inability to find one we like, so till then it’s staying like this. We didn’t show you but we had also removed the back door and replaced it with a window. Till we do the addition we had better not have any fires cause our second egress is gone. I figure during a fire, my butt is getting out even if I have to squeeze it thru a small window.

The electrical mess has been wrestled by Bruce and we’ve come up with an ingenious way to hide the wires. I’d show you the drawings but then I’d have to kill you. You only need to know that it’s ingenious and in time our master plan will be revealed.

Thru the years we have renovated 5 houses. This will be the third kitchen, so we’ve decided to try something different, bamboo cabinets this time. In the past we were always thinking of the resale effect of things. This house is different, we’re older and it’s hard to explain but we just don’t give a crap. It’s going to be what we want, regardless of how it effects resale. The true value of this place is the land, so the house doesn’t really count. When we’re ready to sell there will be huge mcmansions next door and someone will just tear the place down.

Ok so the plan is to gut the kitchen and add a 250 sq. ft sun-room with a new bathroom. Step one is complete….


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