Christmas Card 2009

This years card was a lot of fun to do, it was nice and easy. There was just one problem. The card the family chose to print was not the one I’d have picked. Every year the picture card is done with humor in mind, we know everyone can use a laugh. The family card travels to many homes across the country and many times it ends up on peoples fridge. This years card made this family laugh and laugh, mostly at my expense. They chose this picture out of 100 takes. Why this one? I really just don’t see the humor.

Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you had


1 Comment

  1. Linda Pearson said,

    December 28, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Why didn’t we get one in OPS??? Everyone was waiting for it to arrive. We look forward to it every year. It’s not too late…you can still send us one. We can put it on the lounge fridge. Hope you had a great holiday. We did. Linda

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