The Fence

The work continues on the new horse area.

We are still busy taking down trees. It’s amazing how many there were.

The fence is free. We’re trying to do this the low cost way. Oh wait, let me use the trendy in vogue terms. We’re being green and reusing found materials. All our fencing is made of recycled, environmentally safe, locally harvested, eco friendly wood!!!! HA! IN YOUR FACE You eco Nazis out there. I hate that you make me feel bad every time I put something in the trash.

I know your loving my fence and it truly is huge. The posts are 10 inch wide,  and ultimately there will be 45 of them.  The project hasn’t been without it’s pit falls. A couple of weeks ago I was covered in poison Ivy the week before that Bruce droped a tree on me and I ended up with a nasty bruised leg. This week we accidently cut the phone line when we dug the post holes. Next week who knows we might just burn the barn down.


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