Land Clearing

After we finished up with the Halloween madness, it was time to get really started on clearing a chunk of forest for my possible horses. The trees are very thick in the area and for some reason Bruce wants to keep half of them. I can’t have that many trees in my way, besides this is my claimed piece of dirt. He has his part, I claimed this one and I should get to do what ever.

His job is cutting things with the chainsaw. I’m not going to use that thing, it’s heavy and it covers you with gas and oil(man work).

My job is to burn the wood that were not going to use and stack the trees that we turn into fence posts. We had a little communication problem, he wasn’t cutting all the ones I decided needed to go. I took matters into my own hands and trees started to disappear. How? It turns out that with our tractor even 10 inch round trees can just be pulled out of the ground. I had the best time ever, poor Bruce came home from work and I explained that while I was in the house eating lunch the trees just got up and committed suicide.  His chainsaw has been busy ever since.

The area I’m trying to clear is about an acre and it was thick with trees. You can see in this picture that I’ve managed to get grass growing in the other section. I hope to let the horses have the run of that area a year from now.

The cedar trees that we take down will be used as the fence posts and the skinny ones will be cross ties. I’ve figured we’ll need 60 posts and I’ve got plenty. The next step will be renting an auger for the day. There’s no way I’m doing this with a manuel post hole digger, I’m not insane.

We still have a ways to go on the clearing,  just waiting for the rain to go away. I’ll post our fence building when we get to it.


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  1. Pattie said,

    December 31, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    So I didn’t see anywhere on your blog about the Thanksgiving Turkey.
    Did you kill it? Did you eat it? Hopefully that nasty one that tried to attack me went first.

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