Fall festival

Erin and I were recruited by Bruce to help with the Rossville Volunteer Fire Dept. Fall Festival. It was a fund raiser and our job was to man Bruces booth, take money and watch the pain.

Bruce came up with the bright idea that people would pay money to shoot paintballs at a clown. He was right, it turns out that kids really love to shoot clowns. The clown ran back and forth between hay bales and for a dollar you got 3 shots. Kids lined up to kill him. In all he raised 90 dollars at his booth, that’s 270 shots attempted and I think more than half hit him. It was fun watching the carnage. Bruce would try to trick them running slow then fast but in the end he forgot an important fact. We live in the country and even the little kids had fired a weapon before.  A  fat clown was an easy target. The next day I had to listen to a lot of moaning and groaning cause he was pretty sore.

I couldn’t let Bruce have all the fun. Erin and I had a little shooting match, while Bruce took a break. I got to shoot her 20 times and she got to shoot me 10. In the end I ended up with the winning bruises. Erin is a good shot and I should have known better.

The Festival was a nice distraction from way current project. I’ll tell you about that next time.


They had live music.

The other popular game with the locals. For 1 dollar you could try to dunk one of the cops into the tank. These guys have given out a lot of speeding tickets so they were dunked a lot.


There were firemen hose contests too.

We had a good time, don’t know if they raised much money but it was a beautiful 75 degree sunny day you can’t beat that.


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