Hi – ho Silver Away !!!!

IMG_0812Ok, maybe its not really Silver but I can pretend. They say never look a gift horse in the mouth so I didn’t. This beautiful mare followed me and Erin everywhere we went so of course, for Erin it was love at first touch. She’s an Arabian that is sweet as can be no biting, no kicking and trained to trail ride. I guess, I should start at the begining of the story.

A friend I work with has a friend going thru a divorce.  She has 6 horses, but to ensure the ex doesn’t force her to sell the horses she wanted them placed in good homes. The stipulation is that you can’t sell them and you must give them back if you can no longer keep them. I went to go see a little freckled gelding that is supposed to be gentle and trained. In the field with the owner not around it was hard to identify which horse was the one. The little mare kept following Erin so we called the owner and she explained which was which and in the process offered to give us both horses. Yup you heard it, GIVE!!!!!  Ok let me say that again so you can understand.


Is that incredible or what. I’m always scared of free, cause that sends up a red flag that theres a problem. Nothing is free in this world, so I am going to do some hanging out with the pair and I’m going to ride them and talk with the owner more. I can’t just say box them up, put a ribbon on and ship them to my house. Erin wants them both I was just looking for one. Bruce is still in shock and all he could say was we’ll see. Like he even has a choice when theres two women involved. I’ll let you see the gelding so you can judge.



Heres the pair.

Both are fat as can be so a little diet is in order. Now, for you non horse people, a registered Arabian that is trail ready can sell for 5 to 6 thousand.Now times that by two and you can see that its an incredible opportunity. I just hope they are all that is promised. My friend tells me the owner has had kids riding these guys and they’ve never had a problem. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for the next installment to see if they come home with me.

I have to be careful my mini horse is the boss and if she says no, then no it is. She may only be 32 inches tall but its her barn and she has the last word on roommates.



1 Comment

  1. Pop from SC said,

    September 25, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Like President Reagan said: WELL, HERE WE GO AGAIN !!!!!!

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