New Man in my Life

He’s 6 feet tall. I’m sure he was better looking back in the day. I love him, he has a smooth deep voice and when he turns his head to look at me, I just melt.


Seriously, I love this guy. When we got him home it was late and Erin was not there. As a joke we put him in her dark room and waited for her to go in there. We laughed and laughed when it scared her. The funny part is, I don’t have the heart to put him away. It’s only September and there he stands in the dining room. I’ve been startled by him so many times. Every time I walk in the house he gets me. I’m going to have to move him.

I managed to finish a few of the Halloween invitations.


I can’t show you whats inside, just yet. It would spoil the surprise for some. This year there’s a story behind our haunted trail in the woods. Instead of a scavenger hunt, you have to find evidence of Bob. We still have more things to build for the story, but the 6 foot mechanical spider is done, sorry no pictures of  her.

Last on our to do list is creating a large explosion and a big puff of smoke. I’ve got people that know people, guess we’ll see if it pans out. Good thing South Carolina allows us rednecks to blow stuff up.


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