Let there be Light

LOOK!!!! I got a new window. I know it’s just a window, but my house is surrounded by beautiful trees and no neighbors. I hate not being able to see out. Slowly our house will get more and more glass. The energy efficiency of what we have is just builders grade crap. I want low-e and I want them as big as we can get them. The next thing to go are the back windows that are getting foggy. I’ve convinced Bruce to install 8 foot sliding glass doors.


IMG_0586Notice the killer guard dog now has a great place to leave nose prints.

I’ve got to order my doors, some how Halloween projects are getting in my way. I know, I know, how can Halloween get in the way. Well theres only 75ish days till then, and a haunted trail with scary automated props, just doesn’t happen on it’s own. This year there’s a moving ghost and an air canon that still needs automation. I’ve started on the invitations, and Bruce handles the mechanics of the trail.


Halloween lands on Saturday this year, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  Ok, you’ll get Halloween updates soon enough.

For now, all you need to know is that there are scary things in that barn.

On another subject, Justin is back at Clemson. We drove him back on Sunday, he has an apartment and 3 roommates. GO TIGERS!!!!!!

He made the deans list last year, lets see if an apartment effects that for him this year. Next year Erin will join him there, if all goes as planned.


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