Tell me this isn’t cute, I dare you.



These guys are 1 week old, they’re so funny. If you get close they all huddle into a corner and wait for certain death. Runner ducks have such personality, I still have 2 adults that follow me everywhere, especially if I’m mowing. They love the grasshoppers I stir up. I’m hoping this new batch stays at the pond. I’m afraid of what it would be like to be followed by 13 ducks.

I have pictures of the twin turkeys.

IMG_0579I want to name them Chris and Mayflower. I can’t really tell them apart unless they fluff up. You see the one on the right, he’s Chris because unlike Mayflower who will be visiting the house on Thanksgiving, Chris needs time to grow a little more.

IMG_0553I know they’re not as cute as the ducks, but they do make me laugh. I love when they call out a warning that theres something scary around. It sounds like they’re laughing. They are never mean, I can walk right up to them and catch them. I’m guessing they weigh close to 20 pounds already.

Ok, heat wave or not I’m heading out to sweat a little. I’ve got projects it the woods that need finishing. Next weekend I lose Justin to Clemson again and Erin starts her senior year of High School as Battalion Commander. Yes she finally gets to play general. God help them all.


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