A long time coming

Sorry for the delay, summer is always super busy. We’ve cleared more land, put in a new front door, got rid of the goat, frozen a ton of peaches and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


This was the first year we got any peaches from our trees. We have 2 peach trees, the small one was also full of peaches but we were on our trip when they got ripe so the pet sitter got to enjoy those. This bounty was harvested from the other older tree. I’ve frozen, eaten and turn into jam almost all of them. The horse and the chickens have been enjoying the damaged ones.


I know some of you remember Pokey the goat. He turned into a really pushy goat. I got him so that he could keep my mini horse company but as things go he was real pushy and greedy about his food. He bullied the horse and he would head butt me when I was in the field so Pokey had to go. He took a ride to where most livestock  eventually go “The Livestock Sale Barn”. They auction off goats, cows, bulls, it’s pretty handy to have so close by. You drive up to the shoots and they unload the animal for you they write your name and address and your done. The next day they have the auction and your check for what ever your animal sold for gets mailed to you.

Now I’m going to tell you this. He went to a goat farm to live out his days, enjoying goat girlfriends and eating weeds. He is now  scurrying from field to field with his herd. I’m also sure in the evenings the kindly farmer gives him grain and scratches his chin.


There is the other possibility……. but I know you all want to live in your little fantasy worlds so we’ll just leave it at that.


IMG_0498Erin is still doing her stunt woman impersonations. The jumps keep getting bigger with the help of her father and the tractor. The yard is turning more and more into a motocross track and I’m sure there’s a nice crash in her future. On a happy note the jump Bruce has carved out is now sooo steep that it has scared Bruce out of trying it for now. I’m sure there’s a crash in his future too.


Work on the house continues. We put in the new door and the ugly hex window will be replaced by a gorgeous new 5 foot tall window that should arrive next week. I’ll take pictures. I also forgot to show you the finished wall cabinet Bruce made. Here it is.


Ignore the stupid dog that walked into every shot I tried to take. The picture doesn’t do it justice you’ll just have to take my word for it, it’s beautiful.

I’ve got baby ducks coming tomorrow and I promise to get some good pictures of our huge turkeys. They are very friendly and they do look delicious so I’m torn about their future. Ok I promise not to wait to long for the next post.


1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    August 5, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Thank you, thank you. The goat really looks like he has an attitude, which he evidently did. The door and the cabinet look wonderful. Glad your getting back to bloging again. It was good to chat last week to get the scoop on life on the farm. No news on this end, no news is good news in our case. Bye…

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