Where did I leave off?

Zion, Zion, Zion !!!!! We just love that place I really can’t explain why. Every time we talk about traveling we always mention Zion. It’s a narrow canyon but there’s something beautiful about it. Some places have a feeling to them I guess. I’m not the only one, the kids feel it too. Right now as I write I’m in Yosemite and we still talk about Zion.


The best hike so far has been at Zion. The trail is called Angel Falls it has an incredible view. You walk along switchbacks to a point where to mountain becomes a knifes edge. The trail then turns into a series of chains you must hold or you will plummet to your death and I really do mean that. The pictures just don’t capture the depth.




I have hundreds of pictures one nicer than the next. We have six people with cameras were bound to get some nice shots. Zion is set up perfect, you park your car and then you don’t use it the rest of your visit. There’s a shuttle that takes you everywhere in the park for free, every 10 minutes and theres one that takes you into town too. I do love the convinience and it’s all well organized.

Our next stop was Vegas!!!!! Sin city!!!! and boy has it changed in the last 10 years. I’ll show you tomorrow, right now there’s pizza and a cold beer waiting.


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