The Grand Canyon

I’m late, posting some of this but we’ve done a lot of stopping and camping with no electricity and no internet. It’s been great so far the pictures really say it all. No problems so far but the car caddy did claim another victim. Last time we managed to hook a rabbit by the ear and skin him, this time it was a mouse.



I’m sure this wasn’t what you wanted to see. They say you should always use an attention grabbing photo to keep the reader interested. There it is!!!



Now that I have your attention. We stopped at Natural Bridges on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was just a fast stop to test out the echos and hike a little. The weather was so nice it was always in the 70s in the desert. They told us it was unusual for this time of year but it sure was great for hiking. We’ve spent most of this trip driving  with the windows open. 


It was a cloudy day at the canyon, our pictures aren’t as pretty as I would have liked them. What can we do were on a schedule!!!


Next trip to the Grand Canyon we’ll do the trip to the bottom. We’ve seen the south rim which I must say has a totally different feel to it than this view from the north rim. I want to get to the bottom next with the mules because down is easy up is hard.

IMG_9689The next stop on our whirwind tour was Zion I’ll tell you all about that next in our post, right now they’re rushing me to leave.


1 Comment

  1. Lisa said,

    June 24, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    beautiful shots (except for the dead mouse)

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