Trip Update

HELLOOOOOO out there…… we finally have internet and time to let you know we’re alive!! We started off last week. I’m amazed at all the things we’ve done and seen in that small time. Mesa Verde was our first stop and we loved it. The tour had us climbing ladders on the side of cliffs. We found out that my sister has a terrible fear of heights and it was a real bad idea to let her on that tour. We got to a point where she just couldn’t move and was stuck on the side of the cliff hanging on to a chain both crying and laughing. With a little help we pulled her along but really it was tough love. All 5 of us could only stare and laugh at the absurdity of the situation. What could we do with someone grabbing a chain and paralyzed with fear.



It was beautiful temps in the 70s.


We have lots of really great pictures and stories but I’m on the worst internet connection in the world. I’ll fill you in at the next stop.


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  1. Linda Pearson said,

    June 22, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    Ok Adrianna, Be nice to your sister. Not everyone is crazy and fearless like your family!! LOL Do you have anything planned to do that is not dangerous? I’m glad nothing happened to you on the way there. I have been checking your web site daily in anticipation of what I might see there and of course I was not disappointed when I looked today. Have a great vacation and don’t get your sister killed!!!

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