The babies are growing up so nice.

The turkeys make me laugh. Look at this face, tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Ok, maybe you should just look at it as the most deliciously fresh thing you’ve ever seen. Their fate is up in the air, if they stay friendly they stay as pets.If they try to chase me down , throw their 25 pound bodies at me and attack,  they’ll be visiting “club general electric”.The same  holds true for the goose, it has barbs on its tongue and the edges of it’s beak is serrated.

We’re really enjoying them, they come running up from the pond when they see us and we can pet them. This may all change when we leave for 3 weeks. I hope they stay tame but you just never know.

The horse and goat got a new feeding station built.

Now they’re all set. I’ve been having problems with the goat, he’s being a typical goat he bullys the poor horse and with his horns he has an advantage. His time here may be running out. Bruce has a friend with a farm that’s interested in him. I have to wait till we get back from the trip but I’m thinking of trading him for a nice paint horse. Cookie would enjoy the company of another horse better. Erin and I want a horse we can ride so that might be a better option. There’s a smaller paint for sale that a friend of mine wants me to go look at. It’s 14 and a half hands, I have to wait till July but Bruce would rather trade goat for horse. I’ll take some pictures.


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