We be tripin

Ok we’re not on a trip just yet. The postings have been reduced due to the planning of said trip.

In June we plan to leave for the wild west yet again. First it was a two week trip, then it turned into a 3 week trip. There’s a lot of planning involved with taking off for that length of time. The animals have to be  automated to last at least several days without supervision. The chickens have a huge water supply 8 gallons are accessible to them and a feeder that supplies them with 30 pounds of feed. The horse and goat are having a nice feeding trough built for them. They’ll have a full hay bail available that’ll stay dry. The big dog Olive is going to the dog spa. Don’t feel sorry for her it’s on a farm and the dogs run loose on several acres twice a day. She loves it there, I will miss her cause she’s a great dog but I don’t have room in the RV. The two wienie dogs are coming on the trip so two dogs on the road is all the poop picking up that I want to do. I’ll post our itinerary soon. We’ll be posting from the road just like last trip. This trip has stops in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.

The farm is looking beautiful, all the flowers are in bloom and everything is so lush looking. Here’s a few pictures…



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