Spring work out

The weather is so incredible in the spring I can’t stand being indoors. I’ve been doing all the outside projects everyone else is doing you know spring cleaning. I’ve gotten an order of baby chicks toooooo cute, let me show you.



I received 30 pheasants but they must have had a suicide pact. 2 arrived dead but the others made it to their barn accommodations ok. I think as the next 2 days progressed they passed around the cyanide pills and 22 met their demise. The only other thing that could have happened, and this may be difficult for some of you to follow, but  in the tradition of  “LOST” I’ll explain. There were separate groups within the group and as one of the other group infiltrated the “OTHERS”  one individual with secret knowledge was able to pass himself off as one of the “OTHERS” and then secretly kill them off one by one. In the cover of darkness he then returned to the original group to blend back in. I’m watching them closely I fear it may be  the freckly chick. There are roomers of a chosen one, one that will rescue them all. OK now that you all understand the situation about as much as me when I watch the “LOST series you’ll be happy to know the 8 pheasants that are left are thriving. Unless of course the black smoke monster comes then all bets are off.

I want to show you some spring time around the farm pictures. This is to help you poor northern folk hang in there.



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