Bird Brain

It’s almost spring !!! I guess spring fever is hitting everyone or at least it will be real soon. I have a small problem with spring it tends to make things stupid. I guess their minds can’t handle the sudden onslaught  of smells and warmth coming from the awakening earth. Take for instance my little friend here.


I’ve watched him hit my bedroom window over and over for hours. At first I thought it was the reflection that confused him. But then he would also fly into the window around the corner where the reflection didn’t appear. I thought I could scare him away but even when I approached him he just stood on his little branch and stared me down. As night fall came he finally tired and left. I’m sure it was spring fever.

Today, I’m finally going to finish painting the bedroom because this weekend the temps are going to hit 78 degrees and there’s no way I’m staying inside. My little bird friend is back, he’s flying at my bedroom window repeatedly. Spring fever has hit him to and if he doesn’t knock himself out and get eaten by one of the cats. I’ll be painting to the rhythm of his head banging the glass and maybe a little Jimmy Buffet.




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