Sneek Peek

The cabinetry project continues.

I wish it were more like on HGTV, where they seem to finish everything in record time and a whole room gets revamped in 2 days. They just don’t have Bruces standards and I’m sure if they showed up here for a project he’d end up going behind them redoing things. I love the finished projects Bruce does but, COME ON!!!!…… anyone that knows me knows, I have adult ADD. My world moves fast, as a matter of fact the minute Bruce cut the first piece of wood for the project, I was already planning the next thing. I have the attention span of a 3 year old. I can admit my faults I just can’t control them. I’ll give you all some insight into my scary way of thinking. Now, don’t judge me, just know it works fine and you don’t fix what ain’t broke.

I went outside the other day with 1 goal, finish wiring the electric fence. As I head out toward the fence I spot a low hanging branch. This leads me to the shed to grab the cutters, I got to fix the branch. In my mind, the branch is on the way to the fence so I might as well right? While cutting the branch, I noticed new weeds starting to grow, so I grabbed roundup. My mind told me I didn’t want the weeds to grow and touch the electric fence. As I happily decimated the weeds under the electric fence I ended up with extra roundup so I kept going toward any weed in sight. Ultimately I was nowhere near the original fence project. By the time I ran out of roundup, I was near the barn and 1/8 of a mile away from the fence. I went into the barn and well… look, I’m here, I might as well put on a few coats of sealer on this cabinet. Then remembering the fence I head back, but wait I got to clean the brush. I end up back in the house. While I wash the brush I notice Erin left clothes in the washer so I figure I’m here I’ll throw in a load. There I happen to spot my work gloves and remember the fence, so back I go to get that done. I get real close to it that time but I notice there are a few logs in the fenced in area that need to get moved. After that distraction I went to put the cutters away in the shed. I cut a few ugly saplings along the way and then a few and a few more. Bruce at this point comes by to see what I’m up to and oh crap the chain saw is out and suddenly there’s a 10 foot tall pile of brush that needs to be moved and burned. I now have a lovely cleared area near my shed but my fence is still not done.

I can’t help myself it’s just the way my brain works.

Bruce is wired differently, he says I’m going to the barn to work on the cabinet, 3 hours later he comes back and all he did was work on the cabinet.

Good thing I wasn’t there!!

img_8959Nice and cleared

img_8962This was before


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