Warning, this is to remind you all, tomorrow is Valentines day!!!!!

Regardless of what anyone says, everyone wants to be remembered on this day. I’m just warning you, there’s alot of you that give the I don’t care line.The, oh, it’s just a fabricated holiday introduced by the card companies to make us spend money, HA!!!! I say. You know you want the love, you know deep down inside you want that one little hug, that little something. THAT ONE HUGE, FRICKING, FANTASTIC HUNK OF CHOCOLATE!!! I’m sorry maybe it’s just me, but you get what you dish out. Spread the love tomorrow, even if you don’t love the chocolate part as much as me.


Have a lovely Valentines day


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  1. mom said,

    February 21, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Hi down there on the farm;
    Another big snow is expected today, Feb. 21st. At least I am getting all those winter projects done. We had two wild life events this week. A big hawk landed in our yard near the bird feeders. We have seen several up and over the house a lot lately. Then the other evening when we were approaching our house I saw two shinning lights on our driveway, ’twas a deer ambling toward the back yard. The neighbor has seen deer several times using our driveway to go somewhere. Keith has had a lot of deer on their property this month. Their hoof prints come close to the house and wander all around and then trape across the frozen lake and into the woods. It has been a normal winter but I am ready for some hint of springtime.
    I have been reading ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE by Barbara Kingsolver for a book club at our nature center in Mill Creek Park. It is both funny and informational about farming and all it intails. Sometimes its like your blog stories: Roosters, preditors, chicks in the bathroom, etc.. There is a chapter for Bruce on their “harvest” day, it’s about turning chickens and turkeys into food for the upcoming winter. They do crazy things on that day to lessen the job at hand. The author also wrote THE POISONWOOD BIBLE which is quite interesting. If you have a turn of bad weather, hot or cold, cuddle up with it and count your blessings.
    Sorry to hear that travel timing is off for you and the wedding. I am waiting to hear what Keith and Catherine have worked out, hopefully we can travel under their wing. Ralph went to visit the old stomping grounds in Solana Beach when he was in LA for a week. He said the Condo and the beach front were the same but more condos lined the shores up and down the coast. Will you get that far with your venture out West?
    Chuck is still enjoying the cheese. He says it is the best he has ever had. Say did you sneek more pictures into our picture screen when you were here? We were looking at it a while ago and there were many more than we saw before Christmas. At any rate we enjoy them all from time to time.
    This has turned into a letter rather than a Post a Comment. So-o-o Then end.
    Love MOM

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