Will Spring Make It To You?


I have this in my yard right now.

I’m sorry you northerners can’t yet see the ground. I am also sad to hear that the stupid Ground Hog thinks winter will last 6 more weeks. I guess I’m glad I don’t live near that stinkin little rodent. We southerners know better than to listen to a rodent, if he were here in SC, we’d probably be havin him for supper.

I’m sure the cold will return to my neck of the woods. Today I’ll be outside enjoying the 60 degrees.

Bruce has built me all those cabinets and I’m in charge of the finish work. It involves several coats of stain then urethane,then sand, urethane, sand, urethane, sand, well you get the gist, it’s not done till the boss man says it is. I hate every second of it, I’m not good at repetitive tasks.

img_8913This is one of many, and yes its red. Don’t judge me yet, you have to see the finished product in all it’s glory. Ok, the thermometer says it’s warm enough for me to head out to the slave pit. I’ll post more pictures later.


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