New Year Laziness

I know everyone gets lazy, so don’t even give me lip. I’m lazy blogging, cleaning, working and cooking. It’s this stinkin cold weather. All I do is hide in the house and think about all the stuff I’m going to do.  I look at the thermometer and think ok maybe later. I have managed to start a few things but it’s all slow going.


I’ve managed to dig about twenty post holes for my new fence. I’m going to try fencing in an area that will not only keep the horse and goat in but I’m going to make it predator proof for the chickens. The chickens are currently safe in a raccoon proof enclosure. They have a coop and a 20 x 10 fenced outdoor area. This spring I’m buying a new bunch and rather than feed the fox population I’m going to clip the chicken wings and fence them in with electric fencing. This is all a test. I think I can keep out the raccoons but, you know those sneaky buggers have hands and they’re pretty smart.

The other project we’re working on is Bruces. I’ll give you a sneak peak at it . I will say its big and complicated, the typical Bruce project.


I’ll post more pictures as it actually turns into something.



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  1. mom said,

    January 17, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    At least you are looking at green. White is pretty too but 5 below 0 is a bit to much to enjoy. Add wind chill and it feels like 14 below. So glad the great New Year celebration missed the storms and the really cold weather. We just saw a new bird outside our window. It is a Pine Siskin, of the Gold Finch family that belong in Canada or Mexico. It must have gotton of kilter to be visiting our back yard… I was given the scoop on what Bruce’s project will be when completed. Onward and forward Bruce…..Bruce that new phone # we gave you, forget it. It is going back to the Mall today, one way or the other. It might go out the window and disturb the new Pine Siskin if it stay in this house much longer. All we wanted was a phone to use in case of immergency when away from the house and tramping around in the woods. Things need to be simple for us these days and that phone is far from simple and is turning out to be expensive for our needs…..A Winter Wren just showed up, it resides in Northern parts of N. Hemisphere. Must be just a little too cold up north. Hah!. Well I have to bundle up and go to the Mall and plea with the phone people to releive us of the frustration and expense of this miricle of wee phones. It really is pretty up here, just cold. Love Mom.

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