Christmas Winds Down

We opened all the presents and had the family over, now were in play mode. Bruce is home and there’s no going to work for a couple of weeks. Now it’s time to play with all the Christmas toys.

Erin has asked for a motocross bike for months now. Pleeeeeaaaassssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I PROMISE TO PAY FOR IT!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee you just need to sign one little piece of paper thats all. It won’t cost you a thing, how hard is that?

She managed to save a thousand dollars, but she needed another two thousand, so for the last few months she has tryed to talk us into cosigning a loan for her.

We figured she’s good for the money. She does have a job and if her payments stop I’d get to keep the bike. What kind of parents would we be if we said, ok sure, where do I sign? We needed to torture her at least a reasonable length of time so that we didn’t come off as lame candy assed wimps. We had her convinced that it would be better to wait till after Christmas. We were way to busy to make her dreams come true, and she’d probably just shoot her eye out (oops wrong story) no seriously, we listened to the insecent whining for weeks. I’m grateful that Christmas came, cause I don’t think I could have lasted another week. I’m sure I got extra points with Santa cause I didn’t kill her.

You know how this story ends. I’m sure you’ve seen all the movies. Girl says, but mommy and daddy this is the ONLY thing I want for Christmas and it would be the best gift EVER!!!! Girl wants (insert any dangerous item here)…. girl gets (dangerous item). Now that’s how it’s done on TV. Here at the Reids, we put a twist on it. Girl gets dangerous toy, her parents get one also. You know we just can’t let her do that dangerous motorcycle riding alone? What if she gets in a wreck all alone in the woods? What if she gets lost? What if….. she says………, this is SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!. Well then, what kind of parents would we be?

Enter: SUPER PARENTS!!!! able to pretend to be teenagers, faster than any regular middle aged crazy person, more powerful than any regular couch potatoe.


Here is Bruce and Erin going off to do a little mud slinging.

img_8789Just look at that smile…… priceless


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