Wow!!! It’s December

Wow it’s December and I’ve been very slack on the postings. I have been busy and lazy all at the same time. We went to see the old folk in Myrtle beach for Thanksgiving. The food was great and it’s always nice to get away. Justin was home from college so after 3 months at Clemson we finally got to see him. The boy is the same smartass as he was when he left, maybe a bit taller.

The old homestead is still a work in progress. We’ve been insulating the barn and trying to get organized for the next big project which involves a lot of woodwork.

Now that Christmas is around the corner we have started buying presents. I’m very excited over one of our purchases. I can’t wait to share it with you all but if I mention it here the surprise will be lost. Lets just say it’s for the whole family to enjoy.On the topic of Christmas, it’s time for the Christmas card picture. Every year we take a picture and make it into the Christmas card and every year we have to come up with a new topic. Last year was the redneck christmas card. We had 12 redneck elements which we incorporated into the picture.We had a blast taking the picture and deciding on the layout.. So how do we top that one mmmmmmmm. I can’t say we had as much fun with this years. We were rushed, Justin had to go back to college and that meant we had to get it done while he was here for the Thanksgiving break. It rained all day so we had to do it inside the house, definitely not optimal conditions for Bruce to hit the timer and run into the scene. By the end of the shoot he was a sweaty mess. Now the photoshop process begins. I’ll give you a hint as to the topic. It involves a star and three gifts.

I hate to leave you all without a picture so here’s Erin and Justin.

dpp_0129_jpg_600x600_detail_q85This is The Clemson Crew.

Justins rowing club

img_2651This is Erin modeling her new motocross boots and pants she got for her birthday. Don’t worry she does have a huge helmet she wears too.


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