Happy Birthday


We have a long standing tradition here. On your birthday you get to stay home from school, you get dinner and a movie and of course CAKE . All this in no specific order. We all stay home, so no work, no school, just what ever the birthday person wants to do. Yesterday was Erins special day. We went for a walk, we ate cake and we hit a movie. But this year marked a real milestone, not only did she turn 17, but she proved she was becoming a responsible adult. She decided that even though it was her special day that she would do the responsible thing and go in to school for an hour and take a test. They say the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Well there’s proof right there that sometimes it may roll way down that hill. My high school career involved a lot of skipped days, bought term papers and cigarettes . I’m glad she’s a bit more driven. I might get to live in the nice nursing home when I get old after all.


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  1. Pop from SC said,

    November 23, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    WHAT ??? How come I didn’t know that ???

    Bought term papers, smokes and skipping days?????

    Was this a family conspiracy and I was left in the dark???

    We’ll have to talk. Even if it has been more than 30 years ago, the case can be re-open and wills can be changed. No time limitations here !!!!

    Sincerely, POP !

    PS: ” Whatever you did or do
    may comeback to you ”


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