The lazy gardener

Just getting everything winterized around the place. I can’t believe they said it’ll be in the 20’s in the morning.. hello? are we not in South Carolina anymore? During the day it warms up to around 55/60 so I just wait indoors till the warm sun raises the temps to a point my wimpy body can tolerate.

I was cleaning up the garden when I noticed I have volunteer lettuce. It’s even large enough for a nice fresh salad. I garden for the fun of it. My system involves letting nature do it’s thing and I sit around hoping for the best. In the spring I plant lettuce. I take what I want and let the rest just keep growing, it goes to seed and I just leave it alone. Now in the fall it wakes up and comes to life all by itself. Good ole mother nature.I don’t know how all those little seeds survived the heat of summer, then suddenly they just knew it was time to grow.

Lazy me gets to have a fresh salad. I sure am glad I was lazy.



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  1. mom said,

    November 18, 2008 at 11:17 am

    The computer wizz has been at work again. I’ll try again with a comment. Great lookin lettus and a nice surprise. We had a surprise this morning. A 3″ blanket of white stuff covered the leaves we were going to get rid of today. It quite pretty with our large family of Cardinals flitting about. Chas sent for a mystery game for the crazy Reid’s New Years Eve event. Sun just came out and it is even prettier, eat your heart out you southerners. See you all soon. Love Mom

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