Bridge over the river Reid

Ok there really is no river, but I think we need to come up with a name for our bridge. Bruce worked a total of 5 days on it, no mishaps and no blood was spilled. It went like clock work, he only stopped one day to install a new dishwasher, because the one we had was trying to flood our kitchen. Now, I am proud to own a bridge to no where, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Alaska. It’s only purpose is to give me a loop trail around our woods. I know it’s a silly thing, we’re silly people. But who else can say they’ve built a bridge, or that they own a bridge.

You want to see it don’t you.





The bridge has a nice bounce to it, nothing too scary. It gives you that Indiana Jones feeling. You can stand at one end and the first thought that crosses your mind is, if it breaks, can I out run the falling walkway like in the movies. The dog won’t cross, we put the decking spaced out so you can see the water through it and you feel a bit more vulnerable. We can do that, cause it’s our bridge and we love to scare people. Bruce put lots of thought into this, so I think it’s safe. I’ve crossed it at least 20 times now and it didn’t fall. The real test is 4 or 5 unruly teenagers. In case you want to see how it was built I’ll show you a few of the details. You never know, you might want one of your own cause your into freaking out the neighbors or you hate your family and live on an island. In which case you need to research draw bridges so you can keep them out.

What else can I say other than, yes pop we are crazy. But then again, I own a bridge….. bwahahahahahhaha!!!……… do you?.



  1. mom said,

    October 13, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Bruce Great Job!! Looks scary to me but safe for those that dare to see what is on the other side. Is that the duck condo in the back ground? Is it in the water? That was so adorable but almost stuck in the mud when we saw it last year. Have a great party on Halloween, we will be there in spirit. Love Mom

  2. annie said,

    October 18, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Excellent bridge! Wonderful craftsmanship.

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