How to Build a bridge

We have to get across this.

I was promised a suspension bridge from architect husband. Ok he’s not an engineer but how hard can this really be? If he fails you’ll only fall 15 feet and there’s all that nice soft muddy water to cushion the blow. I have confidence in him, of course he does tend to over complicate things. I want it on record that I only want a simple little rope bridge. The only other homemade bridge I know of was built by the 2 kids with no help from us.

Here it is still standing today as a testament to kid resourcefulness, no money was spent.

Now it’s Bruces turn. I’m expecting the worst, he’ll try to make me a small version of the Brooklyn  Bridge so I’m watching him closely.

It’s already getting expensive. He went out to cut a tree that was in his way and ran into a snag. He actually pulled one of my famous moves, I laughed and laughed at this.His chain saw just kept giving him trouble and finally he snapped. He threw the thing across the woods then slammed it into a tree and just kept hitting it till it was bent like a banana. Needless to say we now have a shiny new chainsaw and Lowes is richer for it. Normally he doesn’t kill equipment, thats usually my shortcoming. I’ve been known to kill lawn mowers and appliances. I once hammered a staple gun to death after it pinched my fingers. When things break he thinks I had something to do with it. Maybe if things worked like they were supposed to, then I wouldn’t have to result to violence.

As for the new project, I’ll have to keep an eye on him. He’s taking a week off from work to do this project. I can watch him most days, but there are 2 days when I won’t be around to supervise.  I’ll just have to take his debit card away when I’m not home.


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  1. mom said,

    September 30, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Last time we saw that creek it was bone dry. Good luck to one and all. Hey I am for the architect version, might be out of place in the woods but good for conversation. On the other hand, a rope bridge like in old movies could be fun.
    Love Ya all, MOM

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