My invites

Ok, I hate doing this cause it kills the surprise but…. You know when you work on something really cool, you just can’t wait to show it off. I’ve had several days of rain, so I’ve worked on my Halloween invitations. Those of you that know us will get an invite, your all welcome to come. We’re still working like mad to get some of our props made, Bruce is in charge of the pneumatics. I get to paint, paint, paint. I’ll show you the cover of the invite, it’s a short video. When it gets closer to Halloween I’ll post the actual video so everyone can see it.

Here’s Bruces newest work of art

This will be the entrance to the haunted trail. I think it’s a bit big, but by the time I walked up to the barn to have a look the damage was done. It’s all painted black at this point and it really looks like wrought iron. There will be pillars on either side and of course the obligatory cob webs and spanish moss. I’m amazed what he can do with pvc pipe. Yes we know we’re crazy, you don’t have to remind us, but when have we not been crazy? Wait till I show you the crazy moving monster thing.


1 Comment

  1. City Mouse said,

    August 27, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Crazy nothin’ – It’s awesome! I can tell you’re having fun *already*!

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