And then there was one

I’ve been busy this past week. Justin headed off to college yesterday and we had to do a lot of preparing for that event. You all know the drill, buy clothes, buy shoes, buy notebooks, buy, buy, buy, then watch your debit card melt before your very eyes. We took him to the grocery store so he could pick out the basics shampoo, soap, toothpaste. While he was off in another aisle I told Bruce to pick out a box of condoms as a joke for him to find in his pile of things when he unpacks. The typical man response from Bruce was, should I get him that huge box? We haven’t heard a thing about them. I’m sure today when he opens his toiletries bag in front of his roommate, he’ll either look like the cool kid or he’ll be embarrassed and hide them.

I already miss him and his smartass comments. His sister already misses the fact that everything out of place or messed up will be her fault. This is Justins new home

Clemson University was a mad house of parents, freshmen and lots and lots of stuff.

I watched two boys hauling up a 50 inch flat screen, up the stairs and wondered how much studying was really going to go on in that room. We got to meet the new roommate named Madison. Turns out he’s just a normal guy. Justin was so worried he’d end up with some weird freak. Little does the roommate know that he ended up with the smartass roommate. They seem pretty well matched up, the computer nerd living with the engineering nerd.

The day turned out bitter sweet, Erin got to tour the campus and start getting excited about her time to go. I got to see, I’ve only got two years to save more money, to pay for two kids in college at the same time. I better get the really nice nursing home when I get old after all this sacrifice.


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  1. mom said,

    August 18, 2008 at 9:20 am

    You both have done your part in Justin’s life thus far and a job well done. Now it is his turn to take over. I have deleted many words at this point in my comment. It is enough to say been there done that four times and it is interesting to watch with pride what your children make of themselves. It is a great ride being a parent, a state that still continues. Thanks for the wonderful Blog, it keeps us up on the adventures in life down there on the Farm. Love ya all, Mom

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