How long is that staying there?

Another project completed.

This is the light for the cantina party. Right now it hangs in the dining room and as lovely as it is I think people will think we’re crazy. It’s August and I can’t leave it there till October. Bruce just loves his little project he’s so proud, but I want it down. Call me picky, but I think I’m right. Most people don’t understand why we are working on Halloween in August. Look at the calender people, there’s only 10 weekends till the big day! Only 86 days, it scares me just to type that. I got props to animate, skeletons to age and a haunted trail that is not going to haunt itself. I wish I didn’t have temps in the 90’s to fight with.


1 Comment

  1. City Mouse said,

    August 6, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Awesome! Sounds like you guys have a wonderful and crazy Halloween. I’m thinking the same today … I am making soaps with spiders in them right now. (Seriously!) Have fun – love the chandelier!

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