Out here there are no rules

We don’t really have many visitors stopping by our house. The little girl next door rides up on her ATV every other day to say hi and visit with the horse and goat. She doesn’t come in the house. She rides here out of summer boredom, hangs out for 5 minutes, and speeds off at 40 miles an hour with no helmet and her one year old brother on her lap. I’m sure she’s fallen off that thing many times but safety and summer don’t go hand in hand in the country. Laws and regulations are for whimpy city slickers. Here you learn from your elders and you do as they did even if their ways are from another era. I love this place, because these are my kind of people. Here you fall off your ATV and your Mima washes your bleeding gash slaps you on the head and asks you if you broke the dang ATV thing. Now, we haven’t lived out here long but I’m learning A LOT!!!

I’ll give you an example, my daughter says, I’m going to Trevors house I’ll be back at 9pm.  Instinctively I say, “be careful” I know Trevor has 1200 acres to mess around in and teenagers always find a way to not be careful. When she comes back at 9pm I ask what they were up to, “oh not much we were shootin his new gun”. I’m not the least bit phased by this answer cause hunting is a big thing in Trevors family and I know they are very careful. I also know that just hanging out shootin a shot gun would be boring to these kids, so again instincts tell me to delve further into her answer. I ask, “so you were just shooting, what were you shooting?”  The answer was targets, I’m no dummy, I ask what kind of gun were you shooting and with a straight face, I get, “oh he just got a really cool automatic AK47” and she walks away. What could I say, other than, well I hope you were all careful with it. Teenagers will do what teenagers do, I’ve been there and if playing with weapons, is as wild as she gets I say go for it, just don’t get killed. I know what I did as a teenager and trying to stop her would only make it worse. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. So what have we learned here? Isn’t there some book that says, don’t sweat the small stuff? How small is small, am I crazy?

Here she is in her natural habitat. Don’t let the angelic look fool you its only there so you feed and house her.


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