Just hanging out

It’s hot again, but we have been working outside a bit. The cantina still needs something. We put in an outdoor kitchen. What is a cantina without a bar? So we put one in. The bar still needs the top tiled but for now it’s usable. You can’t see it but theres a fridge and a stereo, next is the lighting. We bought cool metal pots and Bruce plans to drill out the bottoms and put in a lighting kit. They’ll hopefully look good, I’ll post the process if I remember.

The other new project is the Halloween trail. I know October is a long ways off, but greatness doesn’t happen over night, you got to plan, plan, plan. We have decided this year that the trail needs to be on our land only. Previously it crossed off our land and that made permanent installation of things hard. The new trail will incorporate a scary rope bridge and the chance to really scare people. The new trail has ideas we got from last years trail. You can thank the teenagers, we used them as guinea pigs for their insight. Their most repeated comment was that if they had to walk the trail alone they would have really been scared hhhmmmmm . So out goes the group being led and in comes the self guided lonely walk of death. I aim to please, maybe I’ll give in a little and let them go two by two. The trail will be a bit shorter and we can now run lights powered by electricity rather than flashlights. I’m getting excited. The invitation this year will be a dvd, and it’s sure to set the tone of the event. No little kids allowed, as much as I’d like to scare them, I don’t want to scar them for life either. I’ll post our updates to the event for those of you that can’t be here. For now it’s all about staying cool and floating in the pool.


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