Hello? Mother Nature….

Hello, Mother Nature? It’s South Carolina, we were just thinking could you have accidentally confused June and August? It’s not that we don’t love the sun and everything, but there seems to be an awful lot of it lately and we kind of miss getting a little wet. We know your busy with La Nina and global warming and all that, but we noticed the mid west is a bit saturated. We talked to Indiana they said if we trade them one month of sun, they’d be willing to give up a few inches of rain. We figure your busy and you might have forgot were not New Mexico. We understand your job is stressful what with all the world to look out for and that nasty father time always on your back. We’ll make a deal you send us a few days of rain and we promise not to bring up the fact that you did this to us last year and were feeling just a bit persecuted. Oh and by the way 100 is really not a very nice number it makes us sticky and we hide indoors.


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